Work Force Safety


Work security and health of our workers are our first priority in our company. On this purpose, at the each study pots, ergonomic analysis and risk analysis for avoid work accidents are made. Urgent measures are taken at study pots that needed to be improved as a result of investigations or complained by workers. Measures such as noise, heating, air-condition, lightening, air pollution of study events in factory are made regularly by independent laboratories. 


Work Health and Security Policy 

To produce in a safe place and under suitable conditions is an indispensable factor for reaching quality, profitability and growing targets. 

Our Fundamental Principles; 

• To work according to work security and national legislations and regulations,
• To comply with work security and ergonomic targets of new projects or important process changing. 

They are very important responsibilities of our factory and managers to improve work conditions, avoiding risks and protecting of health of workers. Success of working conditions and work security management depends on individual and social security consciousness. Everybody is responsible for providing his/her own security by using required security equipments, complying with rules and making contribution for preventing of risks. In case of taking relevant measures, there is no any work accident, which could not be avoided. Our workers have right to be healthy and take physical security. We should adopt to behavior safety in and also out of company as a life style.



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