Instructions for Use


1. The scope of the warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the carpet and two (2) years.

2. If the carpet is covered by the guarantee of our company.

3. due to material defects in workmanship within the warranty period as well as the carpet if any defect occurs craftmanship costs, or other demands without any charge under any name will be repaired.

4. In the event of damage during the warranty period of the carpet will be added to the warranty time for repair. Carpet repair time is at most 30 business days. This time, the carpet dealer, reseller, agent, representative, importer starts from the date of notification from one or manufacturer.

5. The carpet;

● within one year without prejudice during the warranty period from the date of delivery, the same damage as a result of more than two or repeat occurrence of more than four different faults, to gain continuity failure to utilize the carpet,
● Exceeding the maximum time required for the repair,
● Expand dealer, dealers, agents, representatives, importers or determine whether to repair the defect reporting one edit to the manufacturer to be able to state return for free replacement of the price of consumer goods in, or may request the defect rate of cost reductions.

6. due to the use contrary to the matters included in the instruction manual of the product is out of warranty and damage will occur.

7. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce for problems that may arise in connection with the warranty document referred to the General Consumer and Competition Protection Office.

8. Polyester yarn used shaggy rugs, are not included in the warranty.



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