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Carpet Care

1. In periodically with a vacuum cleaner to prevent the accumulation of dust on the carpet and floor-to-settlement between the pile yarns swept maintenance should be performed.

2. Carpet cleaning should be avoided by use of excess water and shampoo.

3. Carpet should never be washed, wiped with water after cleaning with shampoo and dry immediately.

4. A substance spilled on the carpet stains can be removed if it is constructive instant and accurate intervention.

5. Stain removal process should be tried first on a hidden area of the carpet with a chemical substance used to remove stains.

6. Pile yarn made in the region where the cleaning process must be scanned with a brush so as to stand upright.

7. Carpet should be kept away from stoves and other heating devices.

8. Direct sunlight as carpet should not be left too long in such an environment can damage the carpet.

9. Wet carpet during transportation, hard, should not be allowed to damage the carpet spikes and sharp objects.


Stain to First Aid

1. Stain occur soon be immediate intervention. Otherwise, you may not be able to remove the stain or never.

2. Stain removing the purposes of substances that can cause stains, remove it from a chemical process should be exercised on the carpet. Possible should be absorbed from the stain on the carpet before the application of any chemical substance on the carpet.

3. Pressing rub the stain is not true, it would lead to permeate into the carpet stains.

4. If you are trying to remove stains with carpet shampoo, if you use the shampoo that you use only foam shampoo and water, you may cause a dirty image.

5. Behalf avoid permanent damage to the pile of the carpet and fabric, bleach should not be done by chemicals such as cleaning, carpet cleaning products should be used only recommended

6. Stain to distribute the stain on the carpet cleaning is necessary to clean the outside to the center.

7. After the cleaning, drying with the correct stroke and drying the carpet bottom is dry during the dissolution of the stain NEW gelebilir.ned make stains reappear on the carpet, the stain to dry towards the external carpet of stain removal with re belirebilmektedir.dolayı you might need an application several times. 

How Can Which Stains

1. Alcohol-Spirits: Make bumper with white spirit after shampooing with carpet shampoo.

2. Oil Painting: Make bumper with thinner, then shampoo with carpet shampoo.

3. Caramel-Sweet Chocolate: Make buffer by adding 5% with warm water or ammonia.

4. Mold: Ammonia Sign buffer with water.

5. Candle Wax: Stain put on absorbent blotting paper, you had a warm iron. Whether the buffer with perchlorethylene shampooing carpet shampoo.

6. Jam-Syrup-Fruit Juice: Use warm water to the bumper with .İz remains thinner or perchlorethylene.

7. Wine -Lemonade: Semi half the water - after shampooing the carpet shampoo with vinegar mixture delete.

8. Ink: blotter 30% after drying thoroughly with alcohol, shampoo carpet shampooing with buffering water mixture 70% .saf lemon juice gives better results

9. Gum: Gum take a knife, then the bumper with perchlorethylene.

10. Mud: Allow to dry, then the bumper with perchlorethylene.

11. Grass-Green Vegetables-Flowers: Wipe drenched with white spirit.

12. Blood: After buffer with cold water if şampuanlayınız.iz carpet shampoo with 5% ammonia was added to the use of water.

13. Mustard Mayonnaise, Ketchup: First, 10% ammonia water was added, after shampooing the carpet shampoo if siliniz.gerek with perchlorethylene.

14. Vomit Cis Stool: Make bumper with white spirit with half and half water-vinegar mixture, and then shampooing the carpet shampoo.

15. Coffee: If the stain with carpet shampoo, make bumper with white spirit or 10% ammonia water was added.

16. Drug-Cosmetics: After deleting the thinner or perchlorethylene if şampuanlayınız.iz with carpet shampoo Sign buffer with 5% ammonia was added to water or white spirit.

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