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Environmental Policy

Karmen Tekstil San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti; It considers controlling the factors that cause environmental pollution in all its activities in the production of machine-made carpets, protecting the environment, using natural resources efficiently, separating and recycling the wastes generated during production activities as the basis of its environmental policy.

Within the framework of this policy;

  • To organize training activities in order to raise awareness of our employees about the protection of the environment,
  • To control and minimize the possible side effects on the environment by using appropriate technology,
  • To use natural resources efficiently, to reduce waste, waste water and emissions at their source, to ensure that the wastes are removed by appropriate methods,
  • To prefer recyclable/life-cycle compatible products in supplier selections,
  • To prevent pollution of natural environments,
  • To comply with all relevant environmental regulations, laws and standards,
  • To continuously monitor and improve our environmental performance by setting measurable targets, conducting regular audits and reporting progress,
  • To leave a livable environment to future generations by serving nature and humanity,

We are committed.

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Karmen Halı
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